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Magazine Rd
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What I Do: Write, make films, moonlight for a large dot com
What I Did: Worked in conservation of cultural materials. 'Museum People Do It 4Ever' should be a bumper sticker
Claim To Fame: Surfed Uluwatu at 15'+ and lived (just)
Lived In: Amsterdam, Florence, LA, Lecco, London, NYC, Sydney and now Cork, Ireland. Not necessarily in that order.

I began the journal on the advice from a friend as a way to share work
to do with filmmaking and specifically for alcippe to see material
who is doing some work on a short. Of course, being livejournal other people may also
be interested in seeing what’s happening. Any of the writing or other work to do with
film appear as friends entries and will remain that way.

If interested, friend the journal and I will add back. The only exception to this are
trolls and sock puppets (needless to say).

Thank you.

Cork, alley